This is my personal blog, which mostly has work in progress and some rants. My “other” professional life as a Product Manager at SiriusXM is relatively separate from this, if you’re looking for a professional profile for Sean Leong, you can find it on my Linkedin Page.

So I’ve been trying to post more often to my blog in recent weeks, after a multi-year lull. I still haven’t really solved the problem of getting good photos of my sketches from my phone’s camera, but I kept making excuses instead of just posting, so I’ll work on that aspect in the next few months.

I’ve been going to the Art Students League Open Sketch sessions after work about once a week for the last several weeks, it’s only an hour of short poses, but it feels great. My buddy, Steve Scanlon and I also have been going to the Montclair Art Museum’s Free First Thursday Nights, where they have an open studio with some sort of model to draw for the last two years, that’s a lot of fun.


~Sean Leong, August 2018