This is my personal blog, this mostly has my¬†art work and some rants. My professional life is relatively separate from this, if you’re looking for a professional profile of Sean Leong, you can find it on my Linkedin Page.

Yes, I know I haven’t touched this blog for years, I blame the damned internet and the iPhone, they suck up way more time than they have a legal right to. I do have some things to post, but they’ll mostly be sketches, including some Throw Back Thursday ones occasionally to fill in some of the gaps… My *CURRENT* biggest barrier to blogging is being embarrassed by the awful quality of the photos of my work; I just never got around to creating a beautiful home set up where I could scan or take photos with my iPhone of flat Art Work that didn’t look like they were done in my basement. Anyone have any quick, easy, and cheap solutions that don’t require me to cut or fold anything or buy light diffusing translucent paper?

~Sean Leong, 2017