Qi People 3

Here’s another batch of the sketches I had from Qi, been procrastinating over this for too long.


This was Mark (above), and also below. They’re quite different because I always thought Mark had a really interesting head and face shape and I wanted to make that as geometric as possible and take it as far out of realism as possible. The drawing above is more “heroic” and the one below is more “goofy”.


Below is Dan (?). He was Amy’s direct supervisor in Altum and came to a few meetings with us and Biologic Matters.com.


Below are pix of Ruby, or at least Ruby’s hair in one case. The hair stayed in one place long enough to draw it, that one time and I should have tried to make it more finished even if it was just a sketch. P.S. Ruby – sorry! I know you don’t like the picture below, but I don’t think it’s that bad or unflattering.



Ah, the joys of long meetings…

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