It isn’t about literacy, stupid.

My post yesterday about literacy tests for voter registration reminded me of how the republicans managed to convince  people a great organization like ACORN was a corrupt, pro-big-government, money-grubbing, fraudulent, anti-American, pinko, socialist, hippy-funded, anti-white, Muslim group out to buy the American election with persistent focus on a group of ground-level knuckle-heads and ignoring the record they had trying to get legitimate voters to the polls.

There will always be those who don’t say what they actually mean, (“I just don’t want black people to vote” would be honest at least) like a lot of these so-called mainstream pundits who latched onto every ACORN story as if it were the devil himself. Give Glenn Beck the Big Cojones Award for not hiding his race-baiting very well, he’s somehow managed to make racism in style again with mainstream America, how can normal people actually think he’s not talking about race when he attacks ACORN? When did Voter Registration equate to ELECTION TAMPERING? (hmmm, let me see, after the Emancipation Proclamation, when all of a sudden white people North AND South weren’t so concerned about equal democracy for all, afterall.)

In case you’re wondering, some of my best friends are white, I’m really not that angry at white people, really! : )

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