It’s not an iPhone, but it’ll do…

Sculpture outside the National Portrait Museum in D.C.
National Portrait Museum in D.C.

When I got my HTC incredible I thought that it would be a great way to add posts easily to my blog.
I’ve found that the built-in browser is pretty awful in trying to access my WordPress site’s admin module. And it was almost impossible trying to write a blog of anything other than a really short post.
So I’ve been looking around for a blog posting app, and I’ve tested out a few. “PostBot” was a complete failure, the interface was nice and simple, but it just couldn’t post to the blog.
Right now I’m using the WordPress appointed, and so far so good, it was easy to configure with my blog, it recognizes my categories, and It’s simple enough an interface that there’s not that much room for clutter.
The big test of course will be to see if this actually posts to the blog, and if it is easy to upload an image for the post. Hey look, styled text too!
It looks like I won’t be able to position the image anywhere I want, but it is pretty easy to select an image from my phones internal photo app.

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