The end of Sarah Palin’s free campaign advertising on TV

I heard on Howard Stern the other day about the end of Sarah Palin’s reality show on TLC, I just got around to checking out the great news.

Here’s a little snippet from Tiny Green Bubble, an “green” news site.

You know, when her show was mentioned months ago, but before it was actually marketed on TV, I thought it was a joke. I think it was a twitter post that was asking for people to campaign against it airing at all on the Discovery Channel, a historically pro-nature show, for a historically anti-nature politician. It turns out that it was Discovery Communications’ TLC brand that carried the show. (They had such hits as Jon & Kate plus Eight).

Huffington Post had a good post about it.

OK – so to be honest I took to heart something Jon Stewart always talks about, how we shouldn’t demonized our opponents, that we should essentially agree to disagree but not to go overboard with the rhetoric. So I didn’t immediately flip the channel when I landed on her show the first couple of episodes. This was entertainment, like “hoarders” and “real housewives of Beverly Hills” — you don’t HAVE to like the people you watch, it just has to be entertaining.

But frankly, the show was a thinly veiled free TV ad campaign for whatever office she’s going to gun for in the next few years. And while I’m not completely turned off by her as a “human being” and as a parent; but her politics completely turned me off to the show, it was too difficult for me to separate the two.

And then, there was Palin’s Facebook rant about liberal hypocracy on hunting and eating meat/wearing leather and Aaron Sorkin’s response on Huffington Post. That, and a few other choice knee-jerk conservative comments she made about Obama and the lies she tells about the Health Bill’s “death panels”.

Sarah, your precious “government-is-out-to-get-them-HealthCare-Companies” are the penny pinchers that have the death panels trying to deny treatment to the terminally ill. You stupid, ignorant fuck, there are documented incidents of these and NO documented evidence of death panels in the Health Care Bill, just an attempt by the administration to include DISCUSSION about end-of-life CHOICES for the elderly with their family AND THEIR OWN PHYSICIANS, so that they get the care they WANT if they are ever incapable of making the decisions themselves. (Hmmm, that’s almost literally only the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want people to believe, not because it’s true, but because it doesn’t fit your “government is evil” dogma) So, I couldn’t continue to watch the show, that would be a tacit approval of her. It physically makes me sick to switch to the channel and see her smug smiling trap. She made a comment in a commercial for her last show, to paraphrase: “I could die right now and be happy.”

So could we Sarah, so could we.

As of this writing, Palin is trying to distance herself from the right-wing “government is evil” nut job who shot Democratic House Member, Gabrielle Giffords. Oh, you’re not PERSONALLY responsible for it, I’ll agree, but COME ON, you know every government-hating-gun-toting-conservative who doesn’t like to be disagreed with is going to be validated by your rhetoric, and rhetoric from your ilk.

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