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A couple f days ago, I saw a post about a video submitted by some of the staff of Apple to the “it gets better” site, it was posted on twitter by @AppleInvestor: What a great video, and I don’t know how many other companies would be this supportive of their LBGT employees, but this is another instance of why I love Apple, they just “get it”. If you’ve never heard of the “It gets better” project, it was created by Dan Savage of the Savage Love advice column, in response to a rash of gay teen suicides. It was his contribution to letting LBGT teens know that they were not alone in this world, and it really DOES get better as they grow older.
Check it out, it’ll bring a tear your eye. And even though this is an LBGT focussed project, it really applies to any kid being bullied for any reason.

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