Had to change the blog theme again

I kept getting a notice from GoDaddy that I had to upgrade my WordPress blog, but after trying a few times and failing, their tech help said I had to remove all extensions and themes first, there was something incompatible with the newer version of WordPress.

I tried removing and testing them one at a time, but it was way too time consuming, so I just removed the bulk of them and upgraded the system. I then came back in and tried to get back my previous “theme” but couldn’t find a compatible version. So I ended up with this theme, which the developer says is based on “Esquire”.

I tried a few responsive design themes, but none of them were very good. And it appears I’m not actually updated to the very latest version of WordPress (3.4.1), anyway. Apparently my hosting account is not configured to the proper version of PHP to allow me to fully upgrade the blog software, so I have to try tech support again to see if they can update that. I think it would be great to have a responsive blog, with a mobile device it would be easier to show people on the run…

I’m not a prolific poster anyway, I have a bunch of drawings I could post, but I really hate not having a “real” scanner, they all look horrible scanned from my “all-in-one” device… Poor blog, very sad and lonely. Any posting I’ve done recently has been just “shares” and “likes” on Facebook, the occasional tweet or Google Plus post, or something I “pinned” on Pinterest (which I do like, it’s just so perfect for images…)

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