Drawing of Ausar Olugbala

I did this drawing as a “commission” from my wife, Sophia. It’s a drawing of one of the trainers at the YMCA that is leaving to move to a different facility. This was done to size for a “farewell” card, which everyone in the class signed. Which means that Ausar has the original, he liked it.
Production notes: this was done using tiny photo references on Facebook, that’s all his brother could get us, and I’ve never met Ausar, and I was given the instructions to be conservative, his brother didn’t really think a caricature would be the best type of drawing to do. So I was quite constrained, and my first draft was not getting his likeness according to Sophia. I made adjustments to the draft, and Sophia suggested I use a style she remembered that I used on a drawing I did of Che Guevara years ago. So even though I couldn’t go while hog on the drawing, I was at least able to not be constrained by sticking to “realistic” colors.
I’ve  already posted this on my Facebook page, but I really should give my own blog some love, I just noticed the last entry was in January, almost a year ago, which is awful. So here’s the final drawing, I’m posting some of the work-in-progress to document the process a little.

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