I’m closing down this blog.

By the end of this month (May 28th, 2020), I will be shutting down this blog site. While it’s been fun fiddling with it these last few years, it hasn’t really “done” much. Almost all of the traffic comes from my Facebook or Instagram posts, and the only benefit so far, is that I can display images at their correct aspect ratio. I’m just starting to post to Instagram stories, so I should be able to post more vertically-oriented images there without too much cropping soon.

At some point I’ll be setting up shop somewhere else. I still have the seanleong.com domain until at least April 2nd, 2021. On April 3rd, I plan on just redirecting it to an instagram page. I’m checking out fivrr.com, as well as artstorefronts.com, but both require a commitment in my time and attention, so they will have to wait until I have more of that to spare before going down that road.

This is/was only my personal blog, ┬áif you’re looking for a professional profile for Sean Leong, you can find it on my Linkedin Page.

~Sean Leong, May 7th, 2020