Drawing of the day, Friday 10/26/2018

Haven’t been to drawing for a while, busy at work and unable to leave in time for Open Sketch at the Art Students League. Loved the model, bit of a goofy looking guy, reminded me a bit of Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), kinda skinny, and well defined in places, but with a pretty big “skinny belly” in certain poses. He had great big bulgy eyes but moved them a bit too much for me to capture them for the portraits.

Drawing of the Day, Friday 9/21/2018

Same model as yesterday, really great poses again, but couldn’t capture a lot of them quite as well as yesterday’s session. Last pose she was upside-down, so it was kind of weird drawing her like that and trying to get a likeness. Experimented with some shapes for her face, but it didn’t end up  as a good likeness either.

Drawing of the day, Wednesday 9/5/2018

Chalk pencil and chalk pastel drawing of bearded man

Great to be back at Open Sketch afternoons at the Art Students League, after a two week break as the League was prepping for the new semester.

Had one of my favorite models, with the great full beard. This was the short pose side of the studio, but the monitor did a series of twenty minute poses.

Drawing of the day, Tuesday 7/31/2018

Art Students League Open Sketch Session

The sketch above is of the long pose model. My angle for the short pose wasn’t great, and I looked over to see what the long pose folks were doing and loved the sublime pose.

All the other drawings in this session were from the short pose model: