Drawing of the Day, Thursday 8/15/2019

Great models at the Art Students League, again, short poses session

001 female short poses, ASL 8/15/2019
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Drawing of the day, Thursday 5/9/2019

Terrific male model at the Art Students League again. Older gentleman with slim sinewy muscles. Tried to capture the whole pose instead of concentrating on the contours in some sketches, but I think I missed the mark on pose and line this time.

I liked the longer poses better, getting OK  5 and 10 minute wet media sketches down fairly well. I have to do this more so my decision making gets better…

Fairly happy with my portrait, my pastels are getting worn down to stubs and I’m going to need to buy some of my go to colors soon.

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Drawing of the day, Thursday 5/2/2019

Another open sketch session at the Montclair Art Museum. Our returning model, Tina Rose had another great costume that she made herself. There was so much to draw, I did a few of these as exercises in drawing the negative shapes only.

I’m also testing out a new Gallery Plug in this post, so it’s easier to see the images in detail view.

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Drawing of the Day, Thursday 3/21/2019

Short pose night at the Art Students League, haven’t had a male model in a while. This guy was great, very wiry older gent who looked like “ecorché man” from my art academy days. He very much felt like a living embodiment of an Egon Schiele painting the whole time. Started trying to sketch with watercolors, needs work…


Drawing of the Day, Thursday, 2/28/2019

Art Students League. Another great model, female black dancer who did some amazing poses, I’m just not quick enough to capture them for the 1 and 2 minute poses. But she did do this amazing twenty minute pose upside down, always grateful to models who take their job seriously.