Click on the “Posts” link in the top nav to see my latest posts, which consist of my “drawings of the day”, which are mostly from open sketch sessions at the Art Students League or the Montclair Art Museum, but could be random things from my current sketchbook. I’ve been thinking of doing a “Throwback Thursday” post ever now and then of old sketches and paintings, we’ll see how that goes. From time to time I’ll get a commission, and if there’s no NDA, I’ll post the sketches and the final piece if possible here too.

This is my personal blog,  if you’re looking for a professional profile for Sean Leong, you can find it on my Linkedin Page.

Check out my buddy, Steve Scanlon’s Pipe Dreams comic on Facebook, he and I have been going to the Montclair Art Museum’s Free First Thursday Nights, where they have an open studio with some sort of model to draw for the last two-three years, that’s been a lot of fun.

~Sean Leong, March 2020