Qi People 2

Here’s another series of sketches I did at CommonHealth’s Qi Interactive division. Most of these were done during Monday all-hands PM-priority meetings with the lead developers or Art Directors, QA also had representatives at those meetings.

Below is a sketch of Shusheel, one of the QA engineers, asleep at a priority meeting. His direct supervisor Sam always got a kick out of this sketch, it always made his day:


It’s not always easy to draw some people, Stacey below should have been really easy, but I could never get her right, I think this was the closest I ever got:


Below is the first of a few sketches I did of Esther, another PM:


…and this the last sketch I did of her, I think that’s my best of her, a good likeness:


Obama version 0.2

Still trying to figure out how to draw Obama. With so many caricatures of him all over the place now, it’s hard to not be influcnced. I stayed away from political cartoons for a couple of weeks and only used picture reference for this sketch.

ObamaI’m struggling with his hairline and his eyes, I need to find a bigger picture of his eyes, and I just have to figure out how to physically represent his hair/hair-line in a drawing. Surprisingly, I’m having a hard time with his hair-line, invariably, with his high forehead, I either make him look like he has a receding hairline, or else he’s not as closely cropped as the real person. Well, I think at least this is better than my first attempt. I should get better as long as I don’t procrastinate too much.