Drawing of the day, Thursday 9/26/2019

A few quick gesture drawings at the Art Students League.

001 slim black model gesture drawings 9/26/2019 ASL
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Drawing of the day, Thursday 5/9/2019

Terrific male model at the Art Students League again. Older gentleman with slim sinewy muscles. Tried to capture the whole pose instead of concentrating on the contours in some sketches, but I think I missed the mark on pose and line this time.

I liked the longer poses better, getting OK  5 and 10 minute wet media sketches down fairly well. I have to do this more so my decision making gets better…

Fairly happy with my portrait, my pastels are getting worn down to stubs and I’m going to need to buy some of my go to colors soon.

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Qi People 2

Here’s another series of sketches I did at CommonHealth’s Qi Interactive division. Most of these were done during Monday all-hands PM-priority meetings with the lead developers or Art Directors, QA also had representatives at those meetings.

Below is a sketch of Shusheel, one of the QA engineers, asleep at a priority meeting. His direct supervisor Sam always got a kick out of this sketch, it always made his day:


It’s not always easy to draw some people, Stacey below should have been really easy, but I could never get her right, I think this was the closest I ever got:


Below is the first of a few sketches I did of Esther, another PM:


…and this the last sketch I did of her, I think that’s my best of her, a good likeness:


Obama version 0.2

Still trying to figure out how to draw Obama. With so many caricatures of him all over the place now, it’s hard to not be influcnced. I stayed away from political cartoons for a couple of weeks and only used picture reference for this sketch.

ObamaI’m struggling with his hairline and his eyes, I need to find a bigger picture of his eyes, and I just have to figure out how to physically represent his hair/hair-line in a drawing. Surprisingly, I’m having a hard time with his hair-line, invariably, with his high forehead, I either make him look like he has a receding hairline, or else he’s not as closely cropped as the real person. Well, I think at least this is better than my first attempt. I should get better as long as I don’t procrastinate too much.