Drawing of the Day, Thursday 2/7/2019

We had our first new model at the Montclair Art Museum’s FIrst Free Thursday of February Open Studio in over a year; a  black girl with long hair in a jump suit and Ugg-like boots with a fluffy fringe. It was a great turn-out at the studio today. Along with Steve and Eddie there were a few other regulars, a whole Cub Scout Pack, a guy who drew on his iPad, and lots of kids and adults dropping in throughout the night.

Drawing of the day, Thursday 5/4/2017

Open Drawing on First Free Thursday at the Montclair Art Museum

Emma, little girl who posed for us in the session. Her little brother was too fidgety to capture.

Picture of Krista in color chalk pastel on newsprint. Discovered that newsprint has so little tooth that 90% of the pigment just comes right off it once you move.