Drawing of the Day, Thursday 9/5/2019

We had two models again posing for us for short poses at the Art Students League,  the black girl with her hair in a bun, and the red-headed white girl with the severe bob.

Managed to get in a few good gesture drawings and some nice three quarter view “portraits” from the back.

0000 Female Model with hair in bun, detail, 9/5/2019, ASL
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Drawing of the day, Thursday 7/11/2019

Short poses at the Art Students League. Loved the model’s “hair” it was a piece, but so creative, a simple bunch of bright orange pom-poms.

Slim black girl with hair pom-poms (19)
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Drawing of the Day, Friday 9/21/2018

Same model as yesterday, really great poses again, but couldn’t capture a lot of them quite as well as yesterday’s session. Last pose she was upside-down, so it was kind of weird drawing her like that and trying to get a likeness. Experimented with some shapes for her face, but it didn’t end up  as a good likeness either.

USSRepublican Party

Sketches I did on the train back from DC – Bear with Elephant head. It’s just amazing how the former GOP has been co-opted by the Russians, it’s actually pretty frightening, it’s happening in plain sight and we’re just left watching the water boiling around us as we swim around the pot.